The second testing in Poland

In the middle of June, we held the second test of the Up to You! Simulation in the secondary school No. 10 in Wrocław. The event gathered 15-16 years old students. Some of them had previous experience with the simulation so were able to observe the differences between the new and the previous versions. Their valuable feedback proved that the introduced changes were fitted to the audience’s needs, and the tool might be now considered a great complement to the school curriculum.


The Up to You! Simulation is a key element of the Sustainable Development Goals learning program for European youth aged 14-19, which we are developing in the project Making Europe’s Future Sustainable! A simulation-based learning program for schools together with partners from Austria (Austrian Foundation for Development Research and Vienna University Children’s Office) and Hungary (Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education). The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program.